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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Eden Video Teasers

A burst of Thanksgiving Eve inspiration caused me to spend a couple of hours working on the Eden, Alabama website. I assembled a couple of video clips that hint at the milieu and flavor I want the film to have... if and when the cameras ever turn its direction.

Ahh... grainy black and white 16mm in a cheap motel room.

I'm hoping that as the weeks pass, the site will grow larger, more complex and more eclectic, and the town of Eden will begin to materialize in people's minds... if not on their movie screens.

The main site is here:

Eden, Alabama website

Click on "View Parade Video" to watch one of the movies.

The other, more provocative movie, can be accessed at the
Local Attractions page.


At 8:13 AM, Blogger onthetowns said...

Ah! Goofy Golf at Westgate Mall seems so familiar somehow.

At some point the bone in the dinosaur's hand was replaced with a plywood caveman, or maybe the caveman was replaced with the bone, I don't remember.


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