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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

PEDS Media Event

You're invited to meet'n'greet at the formal debut of the PSA I recently shot. If you're hanging around in downtown Atlanta Friday lunchtime, pop in and fellowship.

Hopefully soon I'll post the video -- and maybe leak the uncensored version as well.


Thursday, July 05, 2007

PSA Preview

I recently completed my first direcctor-for-hire job, and am very pleased with the results. It's a public service announcement for the pedestrian safety group PEDS, funded by the Governor's Office of Highway Safety. It was produced by Tracy Martin under the banner of her newly formed Medallion Pictures.

Storyboard panel for the first image.

Hopefully PEDS will post it on their website soon, or allow me to feed it to the world via YouTube.

A little later I'll come back on and tell you more about the piece. There was a little bit of controversy regarding the spot. PEDS and the GOHS were cool with it, but certain other parties felt like it was too shocking for general consumption. As a result, the PSA will be circulated in two versions: the original cut, and a family-friendly revised cut.

Below is a shot that you won't see in the family-friendly version:

It was a great experience and I thank Michael Orta of PEDS for giving me the opportunity.