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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Own It!

Look, I try to do more than just peddle my wares and self-promote on here, but come on, sometimes there are new developments and you gotta get the word out.

Case in point: Kino recently launched its new distribution arm: Kino on Demand. You can now download sixteen different feature films and watch them from the privacy of your own PC (sorry, we Mac people will have to wait a little longer).

Click to be transported

They chose a broad sampling of films to be part of the K.O.D. launch, and I'm proud that Psychopathia was among them.

You want deeper insight? Okay... let me think....

I read this yesterday and thought it was very fascinating. The kind of thing we need to remind ourselves from time to time. It was written by Aldous Huxley in the book The Devils of Loudun. He's talking about how people can be swayed by a charismatic and persuasive public speaker... and how dangerous that can be:

"Spoken by a good actor -- and every great preacher, every successful advocate and politician is, among other things, a consummate actor -- words can exercise an almost magical power over their hearers. Because of the essential irrationality of this power, even the best-intentioned of public speakers probably do more harm than good. When an orator, by the mere magic of words and a golden voice, persuades his audience of the rightness of a bad cause, we are very properly shocked. We ought to feel the same dismay whenever we find the same irrelevant tricks being used to persuade people of the rightness of a good cause. The belief engendered may be desirable, but the grounds for it are intrinsically wrong, and those who use the devices of oratory for instilling even right beliefs are guilty of pandering to the least creditable elements in human nature. By exercising their disastrous gift of the gab, they deepen the quasi-hypnotic trance in which most human beings live and from which it is the aim and purpose of all true philosophy, all genuinely spiritual religion to deliver them. Moreover, there cannot be effective oratory without oversimplification. But you cannot oversimplify without distorting the facts. Even when he is doing his best to tell the truth, the successful orator is ipso facto a liar."

I agree. Rush Limbaugh and Michael Moore are liars. Do the ends justify the means?

Words to haunt us during the seemingly endless pre-election season. It is a foregone conclusion that we are going to elect someone on the basis of their charisma and ability to play the political game. So... a guy like Dennis Kucinich is gonna get trampled because he of the way his ears look. Very disheartening.

You wanted deeper thoughts. There.

P.S. Don't forget to go download Psychopathia.