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Thursday, March 27, 2008

The First Part of the Half

Thought I'd post a cast-and-crew shot from the short film we shot earlier this week, tentatively titled THE OTHER HALF. We got some amazing footage, and I can't wait to finish shooting (no, we didn't get everything in the can as scheduled). I plan to post some anecdotes and observations in the next few days... but right now I'm reeling from sleep deprivation. However, I will throw in a couple of shots taken by Terry Thomas.

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On location at Rome, Georgia's Pine Crest Motel (l-r): actor Adrian Roberts, d.p. Chris Tsambis, me, makeup artist Pamela Tripp.

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All photos (c) 2008 Terry Thomas

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Half of It

Apologies for being delinquent in my postings.

My main excuse is that I'm in pre-production on a short film. Since it's going to take forever to find investors for The Seventh Daughter (though I have taken some baby steps in good directions), I wanted to make a short film... just to keep limber, and to have a stronger sample of my directing skills. Because I am drawn toward period films, I thought it worth doing something more contemporary. It's currently called The Other Half, but the title changes daily.

I will post stills and maybe try and do some sort of production diary if energy permits. It's being shot in three days -- March 24-26 -- if anyone is interested in joining the team. The primary production roles are filled, but extra hands are always appreciated. It's slated to be a high-end HD shoot, with a strong cast and characteristically unconventional subject matter.

Plus on Tuesday (3/18) I'm shooting some unusual material to be used as a film-within-the-film... which should be fun.

So, drop me an e-mail if you want to participate. Otherwise, stay tuned and hopefully I'll post some interesting, insightful anecdotes -- or else use this as an outlet to vent my pain and frustration as things go wrong.