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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Second Best Place to Live

Much has been happening lately -- and I am way overdue in my bloggery -- so give me a few posts in which to catch up. In the near future, I plan to talk about

1) The World premiere of my short film THE OTHER HALF (2/25)
2) My plans to shoot a feature film this summer: THE LITTLE DEATH.


The point of today's post is just to call attention to an article in the Winter 2009 issue of MovieMaker Magazine: "Best Places to Live in 2009: The 25 best cities in the U.S. to ride it out as an independent moviemaker this year."

Surprisingly, they chose Atlanta as #2 on the list.

It's not online yet, but I'm sure the good folks over at MM won't mind me plugging the article with a sample, since I'm quoted therein:

No offense to my L.A. friends -- I just thought a little snarkiness would help get me in print -- and whaddya know -- it worked! My quote is a little more coherent in its entirety, but I have no complaint about how it appears in the magazine. Here's the whole enchilada, for posterity:

Atlanta is full of artists eager to climb the filmmaking ladder but -- because it's Atlanta, where there's very little studio/network production and virtually no investors -- there are few rungs to grab hold of. As a result, the indie film scene is more like a human pyramid, where aspiring writers/directors/actors pool their talents and trade favors in order to make the kind of films that gets festival play and stand a shot at distribution. It's not unusual to see accomplished directors working as d.p.'s, actors dishing crafties, and producers painting sets.

If you're too proud to hold a boom... move to L.A.


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